XDG Base Directory Spec

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Mon Feb 9 22:06:16 EET 2004

On Monday 09 February 2004 20:36, Marco Canini wrote:
> On Mon, 2004-02-09 at 20:02, Kevin Krammer wrote:
> > On Monday 09 February 2004 19:36, Marco Canini wrote:
> > > * don't add localization for folder names, if you want localized icons
> > > make them as link (even windows doesn't make localized folders, windows
> > > is mainly a single user per session and single locale OS IMO)
> >
> > It does.
> > Windows' main directory for programs is called "Programs" in English and
> > "Programme" in German and there are quite some broken installers which
> > have "Programs" hardcoded so a German user ends up with two directories
> > containing applications.
> Sorry, but you're confirming what I said: it doesn't!
> You have a German localized version of windows. If you install the
> English version you'll get Programs and if you then install the multi
> language pack it will stay so, even if you choose German as your default
> language.

I guess I'm saying nothing new, but how about using to be standardized english 
directory names in the file system, and only translate them in the 
applications ?

Like "music_"  becomes "Musik" in your prefered file manager. It might be 
confusing, but OTOH apple does it this way.

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