XDG standard: Is Math a Science

Malcolm Tredinnick malcolm at commsecure.com.au
Wed Feb 11 00:16:29 EET 2004

On Wed, 2004-02-11 at 06:11, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> Martin Waitz wrote:
> > hi :)
> > 
> > On Mon, Feb 09, 2004 at 08:51:33PM -0700, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> > 
> >>Strictly speaking, Mathematics is not a Science.
> > 
> > 
> > sure it is, why do you think otherwise?
> > 
> Because strictly speaking, it isn't a science.  There are a lot of 
> mathematicians in the US that would agree with me.

And there are a lot who won't (inside and outside of the US). You have
come across three of them on this list (George, Shaun, myself).

For the record, the American Mathematical Society even has a Committee
On Science Policy, so either they are wilfully trying to give advice
outside of their area of expertise, or the AMS's position is that math
is a science.


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