More on hotplug issue w/HAL

Matthew Mastracci matt at
Sat Jan 10 02:54:52 EET 2004

Bill Nottingham wrote:

> Wouldn't all of this only work once the modules are already loaded?

Yeah - as the modules get loaded, hotplug events are sent for each one 
to HAL.  The only way for an I2C device to appear is if its 
corresponding driver has been loaded.

> Do all the sensor modules have matching PCI id (or other) information
> that makes this feasible?

The only unique I2C names right now are generated by the drivers.  It's 
all very ISA-ish: the drivers are all loaded via specific probing.  If 
they find something they support, they latch on.  I'm disappointed that 
some sort of I2CPNP ID's haven't been assigned yet.  :)

I'm hoping that we can get the linux device driver string into HAL (I'm 
sure it's possible - just not certain how to get at that info).  With 
this, capabilities could be added based on the driver name itself, 
rather than this (arbitrary, IMHO) string added by the driver code.


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