apache configuration on pdx

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Wed Jan 28 12:14:32 EET 2004


while trying to debug while our GStreamer webpages were having issues
with utf-8, I started looking at the apache configuration.

Apparently the apache server on pdx serves content as iso-8859-1.  I see
this both in the apache config file, as well as in the browser info
about the page.

All of the pages themselves are in fact in utf-8, with proper meta tag
in the header.

My question was - is there any reason not to make apache serve utf-8 by
default instead, and who should I probe to get this done ? Is there a
standard admin mailing address ? Up to now I've just been poking
DanielS, but that's probably not the right way.


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