Could you setup SVN for scim?

Daniel Stone daniel at
Sat Jul 3 20:34:28 EEST 2004

(The admin list is sitewranglers@; CCing.)

On Sat, Jul 03, 2004 at 06:16:45PM +0100, LiuCougar wrote:
> I am one of the developers of SCIM project (hosted on FD).
> I just implemented the qt-immodule support of scim and I would like to
> put it under SVN on your SVN server.
> Currently, our CVS repository is on savannah, and we have already
> decided that we will move all of them to FD's SVN server, although we
> have not yet enought time to achieve the migration.
> Now this is a brand new module so I think it can be hosted on your SVN
> directly to avoid the transfer hassel in the future.

It's, um, already there.

daniel at pdx:~% ls /svn/scim
README.txt  conf  dav  db  format  hooks  locks

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