Proposal for a MIME mapping spec

Mark McLoughlin markmc at
Thu Jul 8 12:20:20 EEST 2004


On Thu, 2004-07-08 at 07:18, Alexander Larsson wrote:

> > > To make parsing of all the desktop files less costly, we will provide an
> > > 'update-desktop-database' program that will regenerate a database file.
> > > ...
> > > It will need to be run after every desktop file is installed.
> > 
> > This is a user trap.  Install new desktop files and nothing happens until 
> > you run the 'magic' program.
> The idea is that make install (when building from source) or the package
> postinstall script runs this. Just like we currently do when installing
> new mimetypes or gconf schemas. The user never sees this.

	If everyone was using desktop-file-install we could regenerate the
cache there but ...

	(I'm not suggesting there aren't good reasons for people not using the
current desktop-file-install, just that a tool like desktop-file-install
is useful and would be a good place to re-generate the mime cache.)


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