Proposal for a MIME mapping spec

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Thu Jul 8 17:48:00 EEST 2004

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On Thu July 8 2004 16:34, Billy Biggs wrote:
>   Hi Jonathan, thanks for posting the proposal.  Good stuff.
>   I have a small suggestion:
> > [...] The 'MimeType' field in that desktop file includes a list of
> > every MIME Type that that application can handle.  For example, a PDF
> > viewer could have the following entry:
> >
> > MimeType: application/pdf
> >
> > Applications that can handle multiple MIME Types would list all of the
> > ones it can handle in a ';' separated list.  [...]
>   I would suggest not to use a semi-colon as a delimiter in the list,
> since this is used to supply parameters in a MIME type as described in
> RFC2045.  Instead, why not use a comma-separated list to follow the
> convention of protocols like HTTP?
>   An example of where parameters are used would be like:
> text/plan;charset=us-ascii.  While I cannot think of any really
> important use of parameters in selecting an appropriate application, it
> seems like a natural way to allow for extensibility.

KDE currently uses the MimeType field with ; as separator. Changing it to 
something else would create all sorts of compatibility problems.

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