Proposal for a MIME mapping spec

Billy Biggs vektor at
Thu Jul 8 19:07:10 EEST 2004

Jonathan Blandford (jrb at

> > I would suggest not to use a semi-colon as a delimiter in the list,
> > since this is used to supply parameters in a MIME type as described
> > in RFC2045.  Instead, why not use a comma-separated list to follow
> > the convention of protocols like HTTP?
> For better or worse, the current list deliminator in .desktop files is
> ';'.  You are right though, it is a potential problem.  Given the wide
> deployment of desktop files, I think we'd probably prefer to escape
> ';' in lists rather than change the deliminator.

  While this is unfortunate, it does seem reasonable to leave it as a
semi-colon.  A standard method of escaping should probably be presented,
I would suggest following HTTP and using % HEX escaping (%3B I guess).


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