Scheduling subsystems (crontab, at) and the desktop

Maciej Katafiasz mnews22 at
Thu Jul 22 15:55:11 EEST 2004

W liście z czw, 22-07-2004, godz. 12:51, Philip Van Hoof pisze: 
> I bring forward the question whether or not a (
> specification is necessary for application scheduling software.
> What do you people think?

Just to let you know, we're working on modern replacement for cron, but
with much wider scope that just scheduling and fully DBUS based, and
intended to come up with formal FD.o proposal in one of these days.
Right now it's still in conceptual phase, with actual coding starting
now. We'd totally love to cooperate with you guys for crontab support
(which would be considered legacy source), so if you could drop by
#eventuality at FreeNode on IRC, that would be great.
I'm going to prepare much more detailed writeup in next few hours or so,
so stay tuned :). Right now there's preliminary document available at


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