Current Desktop capabilities - take 3.

Michael Meeks michael at
Thu Jun 3 20:40:39 EEST 2004


	I guess that after all this active talking past each other, I suppose I
can cut out most of the screaming style noise; and passing the comments
through a hand-made 'constructivisation' filter I get:

	"We like the capabilities idea, but are scared that stupid
	 ISVs will do bad stuff with the '<desktop>' element of that
	 capability list; so lets bin it".

	This I guess mirrors the 'DESKTOP_FOO_BAA' suggestions but sticking
with an extensible ordered list / path. The only down-side is that we'd
need a separate DESKTOP_LAUNCH environment variable that can't bootstrap
off this; but I guess that's fine.

	So - a new de-launchified [ should write another spec. for
that I suppose ] proposal is here:

	Comments welcome, [ particulary the button descriptions - I'm
eager not to include 'gnome' or 'kde' in that string; is 'inset' and
'corner' adequate ? ]



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