Current Desktop capabilities - take 3.

Michael Meeks michael at
Fri Jun 4 17:47:25 EEST 2004

Hi Dave,

On Thu, 2004-06-03 at 20:05 +0100, Dave Cridland [Home] wrote:
> You're right that it needs clarification, but ASCII is always 7-bit.

	Of course :-) I'm such a dofus to ignore the '-' character I suggested
being banned by the spec.

> Michael, would you like me to write up some ABNF to describe the 
> syntax fully?

	Well - thanks for sending me that; I guess I'm just sceptical that it
makes life any easier for an implementer / reader; we can add it as an
appendix though I guess.

	However - before complicating it beyond belief - it'd be nice to get
more input from the ravingly-anti brigade to see if they're still so, or
if this is more acceptable.



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