hicolor icon theme clarifications

Tommi Komulainen tommi.komulainen at iki.fi
Mon Jun 7 20:36:12 EEST 2004


I've been figuring out how exactly applications are meant to be adding
their icons in the hicolor icon theme as (very shortly) described in

Now, that leaves some essential things open, in my opinion.

1. Which directories are guaranteed to exist?

        As I've understood it, the directories need to be mentioned in
        the index.theme for the icons to be found.  The only directory
        that is explicitly mentioned is 48x48/apps, which I suppose will
        exist, but that's somewhat ambiguous.
        "Optionally you can install icons in different sizes" but unless
        those sizes are included in index.theme, it'll be pretty
        useless.  And modifying the index.theme during 'make install'
        doesn't sound too good, either.

2. What are the naming conventions and rules for filenames?

        Can I simply install a '48x48/apps/browser.png' file, or are
        there some rules I should be aware of?
        Where am I supposed to put application-specific toolbar icons
        and such?  Are there some naming conventions to follow?
        Can I install any file in '*/stock/*' or should they be prefixed
        with 'stock_' or something?
        How are mimetype icons be named?

Forgive me if some of this isn't on-topic, it's not so clear where
freedesktop ends and gnome begins.

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