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James Su suzhe at
Mon Mar 1 04:14:02 EET 2004

  I'm the author and maintainer of SCIM project, the Smart Common Input
Method platform. Like uim, SCIM is a globalized input method library to
simplify the input method development.
  It's written in C++. The key features of SCIM are:
  * Fully Object Oriented structure
  * Highly modularized
  * Very simple programming interface
  * Fully i18n support with UCS-4/UTF-8 encoding
  * Include many handy utility functions to speedup the development

  Currently SCIM is mainly focused on CJK input method, though it can
support other languages as well.

  Now SCIM provides a generic table input method module, which supports
table based input methods. There are already many input method tables
available, for example, Wubi,Ziranma for Simplified Chinese,
CangJie,Array30 for Traditional Chinese, Nippon for Japanese, Hangul,
Hanja for Korean.
  And some companies are developing input method modules for SCIM, for
example ccinput developed by

  Input method is an important component of desktop environment, and is a de facto center for developing free software based
desktop environment. So I think it should be better to host SCIM on

  You may visit and for more information.

James Su

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