Bidi standart

Ely Levy elylevy-xserver at
Thu Mar 4 23:47:17 EET 2004


I want to suggest making a standart for bidi on desktop.
As someone who has Hebrew for mother langauge I notice
the small and not so small diffrances between
kde/gnome/mozilla/opengoffice and so on.

I think forming a group to work on a standart would make free desktop
much more atractive for bidi speakers.

below few notes made by dov (one on the writers of fribidi).


   * Logical vs visual cursor movement. (What happens when you press
     the right arrow key?)

   * How do you place the cursor with the mouse at boundry points?

   * The display of the cursor at boundry points where the direction

   * How should zero width unicode control characters be displayed?

   * Perhaps there should be a status bar that displays the name of
     the zero width character when you move over it?

   * How should zero width control characters be input? How are they
     selected and erased?

   * Should there be a "code-view" mode that will show the
     raw logical sequence?

   * Should bidi levels be shown? If so, how? Different colors of
     background? Different underlines?

   * Should it be possible to draw a special character at the
     boundry point that indicates if it is a "source" point
     (the two different directions diverge there) or a "sink"
     point (the two different directions converge)?



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