Bidi standart

Behdad Esfahbod behdad at
Wed Mar 10 11:11:42 EET 2004

The point is that bidi support is a completely independent issue
that Unicode or UTF-8 support.  I believe that there are more
people interested in the issue on ivrix or gtk-i18n-list or
qt-i18n-list, etc than are on utf-8 list.

There is no magic here.  Free software people that are interested
in these issues are all well known.  Among native people, a few
are MUSTs:  Dov Grobgeld, Mati Allouche, You and Me ;).  Other
people would not necessarily have the time to get involved, but
would give comments, like Roozbeh Pournader, Tzafrir Cohen, etc.
So whereever you have these people you can start, but you may
probably want to have other interested people around too.  And I
believe bidi is not everyone's issue, so utf-8 list is not the

I remember there was a document called "Guidelines of a Logincal
User Interface for Editing Bidirection Text", by Mati Allouche
and edited by Dov Grobgeld back in 2002.  I have a local copy,
but if we can find the latest version, we can start by reading
that.  We can whack a wiki page and just link to important
discussions on different mailing lists.  [sorry, I'm busy for a
few weeks.  working on FriBidi, which is being moved to fd.o too]

And just for the records, I hate the bidi support in Mozilla, and
don't know about OO.o.  OO.o is so HUUUGEEE that I cannot simply
hack/compile/test it.  KDE/Qt people are not so picky on bidi
stuff (Lars is the only man there and is really busy with other
things), so I prefer to choose Gtk+ as my toy to play with.


On Wed, 10 Mar 2004, Ely Levy wrote:

> well part of moving to utf-8 is supporting bidi in
> an originized way. so I think it's better to stick with one mailing list,
> and altough nadav wouldn't mind if we discuss it in ivrix I think fd.o
> mailing list is better for fd.o spec writing.
> I know gtk people are working on their bidi way, I know kde/qt people have
> discussions about it as well, and you can add the long discussions in the
> mozilla mailing list and openoffice ones,
> The idea is to have the discussion on natural ground and not on project
> specific one.
> anyhow I thought utf-8 has people who are intrested in the topic, and
> still no one is yet to answer my email...
> Nakee

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