Patch : XDG menu-spec 0.8 support for desktop-file-utils

Heinrich Wendel sysop at
Sun Mar 14 17:42:47 EET 2004

Am Friday 09 January 2004 18:21 schrieb Frederic Crozat:
> Hi all,
> I've worked on fixing desktop-file-utils and its gnome-vfs module to get
> it compliant with XDG menu spec 0.8.
> So far, desktop-file-utils passes the menu-spec test suite (I think some
> tests will need to be added because I'm sure some special cases are not
> handled by desktop-file-utils..) and gnome-vfs module allows gnome-panel
> and nautilus to access XDG menus.
> However, gnome-vfs module doesn't support the optional part of the spec
> (Layout/DefaultLayout) and after some discussions with Mark McLoughlin
> (gnome-panel maintainer), I'm not sure how to integrate this support in
> the clean way, between VFS module, gnome-panel and nautilus (for editing
> menu).
> Morever, since my patches is fairly large and I'm not 100% confident
> with my patch, I won't push this code for XDG menu support in GNOME for
> MandrakeLinux 10.0 (which should have been used as testbed, since we
> will also have KDE with XDG menu support).
> So, I was hoping to get a review of this patch, to get in committed in
> desktop-file-utils (Havoc, I don't know if you granted me write access
> on CVS ?) so it is not lost and start serious discussion to get it right
> and working as soon as GNOME 2.7 will open.

What's the status of this patch?

mfg, Heinrich :)

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