merge prjoects / move to

Zhang Weiwu zhangweiwu at
Sun Mar 14 17:42:49 EET 2004

Hello. I'm zhangweiwu from the minichinput project.

After lots of discussion, we and the fcitx project team decide to merge 
and move to, host our new merged project there. The new 
project is named "AfterChinput", but the name is not fixed yet.

minichinput project and fcitx project are not as famouse in the free 
soft world world as they are amone Chinese world:) We are two of the 
most widely used Chinese X input method server (XIM server), both in 
GPL. As far as I know, the two software together have more than half of 
the userbase amone Simplified Chinese *nix users. We hope the merge can 
bring stronger/more powerful new software.

I'd be very happy if you would let us settle down. Still I have a few 
# Do freedesktop have CVS service for developers?
# Once the project homepage is made, we want it in Chinese as always 
(UTF-8 or GB18030). I hope this is not a problem.
# Can we use php in the project hompage? This is not very important but 
it would be better.

Thank you.

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