Hal.Manager question

owen.fraser-green at pro.no owen.fraser-green at pro.no
Fri Mar 12 13:47:00 EET 2004


Looking through the HAL spec at the org.freedesktop.Hal.Manager D-BUS
interface spec I was wondering why the GetAllDevices, FindDeviceStringMatch
and FindDeviceByCapability methods all return array{string}. Since the
strings are UDIs and a UDI is an object path wouldn't it have made more
sense for those methods to have returned array{object_path}?

As far as using the D-BUS C API is concerned the difference is only cosmetic
but for bindings which can marshal object_paths into real object references
this would surely make a little more sense (especially while the method is
called GetAllDevices and not GetAllDeviceUDIs).


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