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Sun Mar 14 15:04:00 EET 2004

Dear friends

i've read throught again and again, and i can't find a way to mention or include gnustep anywhere, i felt sorted out.
but gnutsep is free software too, and i use it on my desktop

i want to say that GNUstep is more present on freedesktop, that when someone says GNOME and KDE, he hought to mention GNUstep as well.

i want to help freedesktop but don't know where to start
for example: the first part, it says free software project .. and it says the most famous X desktops are  GNOME and KDE.. but any developers working on Linux/UNIX GUI technology are welcome to participate. i would like to add  "<a href="">GNUstep</a> is a GUI technology that implements the standard called OpenStep defined  years ago."  for example

GNUstep is a development framework that is object-oriented and with sophisticated development tools, read GORM and  ProjectCenter (if you know mac os x, InterfaceBuilder and their ProjectTool whatever it's called)

I am looking forward to be working with you.

Gürkan "tarzeau" Sengün

Person who say it cannot be done should not interrupt person doing it.  --Chinese Proverb
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