Little hal patches and crash

David Zeuthen david at
Sun Mar 14 20:27:24 EET 2004


On Thu, 2004-03-11 at 21:30, Martin Waitz wrote:
> just ignore if usbfs is not mounted:

Until the 'linux device number' is in sysfs under Linux 2.6 we need to
access /proc/bus/usb/devices to get this number (which we do today but
it's messy as hell to do) as the node for userspace drivers is encoded
as /proc/bus/usb/<usb_bus_number>/<linux_device_number>.

Anyway, I've applied this one.

> print a nicer error message when hald is not running:

Applied, but..

> then, when choosing Help/About, hal-device-manager crashes hard.
> i haven't found out why yet :(
> error in python bindings?

Ehrm, hal-device-manager was only intended as an example / development
tool of how to use the information exported by hal. At some point I hope
that GNOME or KDE is going to write their own applications to show this
kind of information.

Btw, this does happen on my debian/ppc box, but not on my fc1 box, so I
guess it's a python issue, but I dunno.


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