General sandbox specs?

Thomas Leonard tal00r at
Mon Mar 15 11:02:07 EET 2004

On Mon, Mar 15, 2004 at 12:06:53AM +0100, Lars Hallberg wrote:
> Thomas Leonard wrote:
> >People do seem to worry a lot about nasty software getting cached, but it
> >really makes little difference. Imagine a user who tries to run this:
> >
> >$ /uri/0install/
> >
> >Bad. But on the other hand, they could just as easily do:
> >
> >$ lynx -source | sh -
> Yeh, I might just be to new to the consept... but I think of the logical 
> development of this... Take a OLE like fileformat.... You get a document 
> by mail, fire up a viewer, the dokument contains an object with the 
> viewer att /uri/0install/

Or specifies the viewer as /usr/bin/python. If your application runs any
program specified in the document, you're in trouble no matter what.

> But I subscribed to the 0install list now. This is only rellevant for a 
> system runing zeroinstall itself, not att all for a sandbox, so it's 
> going pretty OT i guess :-(

Yep, we should move the discussion there...

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