shared-mime-info 0.14 released

Jonathan Blandford jrb at
Mon Mar 22 06:22:52 EET 2004

A new release of shared-mime-info is now available:

Share and enjoy!

NEWS since 0.13.1

* upped the mozilla/netscape bookmarks priority.

* change xbell to x-xbel

* Add matroska video mime type

* application/x-archive needs lower prio than application/x-deb

* Change C# mimetype to text/x-csharp

* Add application/x-ole-storage mimetype, remove OLE storage match from
  application/msword, since it matches all sorts of document types using

* add types from ImageMagick

* add .flac detection.

* make MIME descriptions more consistant with each other (patch from
  Christian Neumair).

* add a package-config file

* conditionally disable running update-mimedb for packages.

* fix up RIFF and shell magic, as well as merging diff files and patch

* New az, cy, and no translations.

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