Permissions on key directories/files.

Lars Hallberg spam at
Mon Mar 22 19:04:10 EET 2004

Jim Gettys wrote:

>Certainly, either: 1) having {x,g,k}dm set up the directories is
>one fix, 2) a helper program is another, and there may be others
>I haven't thought about.  But saying the installation process
>should fix it isn't a robust fix.
Alternativly, moving the stuff to /var/.... /var/state/ ???

People asuming stuff to remain in /tmp shuld read:

Filesystem Hierarchy Standard

3.15 /tmp : Temporary files

3.15.1 Purpose

The /tmp directory must be made available for programs that require 
temporary files.

Programs must not assume that any files or directories in /tmp are 
preserved between invocations of the program.


IEEE standard P1003.2 (POSIX, part 2) makes requirements that are 
similar to the above section.

Although data stored in /tmp may be deleted in a site-specific manner, 
it is recommended that files and directories located in /tmp be deleted 
whenever the system is booted.

FHS added this recommendation on the basis of historical precedent and 
common practice, but did not make it a requirement because system 
administration is not within the scope of this standard.


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