shared-mime-info 0.14 released

Jonathan Blandford jrb at
Thu Mar 25 00:58:12 EET 2004

Ole Laursen <olau at> writes:

> Jonathan Blandford <jrb at> writes:
> > A new release of shared-mime-info is now available:
> >
> >
> >
> > Share and enjoy!
> So what's the status i18n-wise? There's no update in the GNU
> Translation Project? Should I try to get write access to the
> Freedesktop repository instead to keep the Danish translation updated?

Grr.. I can't figure out to update the .pot file there, and quite
frankly, I forgot to update the pot file.  I do update the pot files as
they arrive, though it's possible I missed one.

> If the project has been scrapped in the TP, please remove it from there.

It's currently the 'correct' way to translate this package, but I'm
hating it.  If we can find a way to get translators access to CVS I'd be
all for it.


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