Help needed: specification of current directory for shell scripts in .desktop files

Michael Jeltsch jeltsch at
Wed Mar 24 13:40:58 EET 2004

I came across a strange behaviour of .desktop files when used in KDE 3 as 
service menus for Konqueror (Suse Linux 9): When I specify a shell script for 
"Exec", the current directory of the shell script seems to be allways my home 
directory. This is kind of strange when URLs or file lists are forwarded to 
the shell script. E.g. when renaming files with mv in my shell script, they 
are moved to my home directory instead of just renamed... Setting "Path" 
inside the .desktop file does not help in this case (because the "Type" is 
not Application and thus probably ignored). I need to integrate my shell 
scripts into the desktop.
Michael Jeltsch
Molecular/Cancer Biology Lab
jeltsch at
icq 135789835

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