Contacts/Calendar discussion?

Nicos Gollan gtdev at
Thu Mar 25 20:42:02 EET 2004

Hi all,

some time back (July 2003), there had been a discussion about standard
locations and formats of contacts (addressbook) and calendar data. That
discussion somewhat died in a discussion about favourite mailbox

Has there been any further work on shared addressbook and calendar data?
It is something I think is very important for home users since it can be
quite some pain to change from one MUA to another without doing some
more or less hard work to keep data and also to keep, say, a Sylpheed
addressbook, in sync with KDE's addressbok/PIM.

I think the common denominator was that:
 - VCard files may not be optimal for address data due to
access issues (long loading time, missing fields)
 - iCal is pretty a pretty good format
 - there is need for a locking system to ensure data integrity with
concurrent accesses

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