Contacts/Calendar discussion?

Dave Cridland [Home] dave at
Sun Mar 28 17:14:03 EEST 2004

I've replied to this on the list, since it was asked on the list - in
case anyone else is interested. There's no need to tell me if you're
not, just ignore me, I'm somewhat used to that. :-)

On Sat, 2004-03-27 at 08:23, Brad Hards wrote:
> Dave: A couple of questions:
> 1. how is your ACAP server development going?

The short answer: It works. I haven't lost any of the data I put into it
in around 6 months, and I use it pretty heavily. It's got around three
non-compliance bugs, one of which I've cured locally.

> 2. Are any of the Internet Drafts likely to ever make it to RFC?

Well... I nagged Chris Newman about re-releasing his addressbook draft,
in particular, since it's implemented in at least two released software
packages (both closed-source, both badly, at least in my opinion). He
said he'd issue a last call on them, but I never saw anything more. I
shall nag him again.

As for the others, "option" really ought to go through, except both the
authors are busy on other stuff, "personality" and "email" both rely on
"option", and "bookmarks" is, in my opinion, flawed (but easily
corrected). The authorization one seems okay, but finally, the mime
types one has been stuck, actually due to my comments (relating largely
to the lack of support in it for COM, CORBA, and other non-command line
methods for handling data.). Of course, nearly all of them have expired.

If I were an ACAP dataset ID author, and not a client/server developer,
I'd probably not bother putting in the time simply because it looks like
nobody cares. Chris Newman even says as much in his addressbook draft,
section 2.1. (Paraphrase: "Nobody's ever going to use this stuff, but it
took a lot of work, so I'll publish it anyway.") Ironic, really, as
Chris Newman's draft has two released implementations (and one
unreleased - mine) that are all under active maintainence. The other
drafts are pretty well entirely bereft of implementations, other than my
own. (And my web-browser really sucks apart from the bookmark handling.)

> [I would have asked this on the acap list (ietf-acap+ at but it 
> seems to really only get spam lately, and since you brough it up...]

Spam and my occasional comments, yes. I wonder if everyone else on that
list has anti-spam software which has blocked the address... My own
mailing list about the server is essentially as dead, but without the
spams which remind me I'm still on the IETF list. :-)


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