Translating freedesktop software (was Re: shared-mime-info 0.14 released)

Carlos Perelló Marín carlos at
Fri Mar 26 20:54:33 EET 2004

El jue, 25-03-2004 a las 22:57, Ole Laursen escribió:
> Jonathan Blandford <jrb at> writes:
> > Ole Laursen <olau at> writes:
> [...]
> >> So what's the status i18n-wise? There's no update in the GNU
> >> Translation Project? Should I try to get write access to the
> >> Freedesktop repository instead to keep the Danish translation updated?
> >
> > Grr.. I can't figure out to update the .pot file there, and quite
> > frankly, I forgot to update the pot file.  I do update the pot files as
> > they arrive, though it's possible I missed one.
> >
> >> If the project has been scrapped in the TP, please remove it from there.
> >
> > It's currently the 'correct' way to translate this package, but I'm
> > hating it.  If we can find a way to get translators access to CVS I'd be
> > all for it.
> It's fine with me - I hate the robot too. Who do I nag? Havoc?
> The thing is that this is becoming a hot avocado. GNOME 2.6 is out
> soon, and Nautilus is going to look suboptimal without the translated
> file types.
> One problem with dropping the Translation Project is the lack of
> status pages. But perhaps we can persuade Carlos of the GNOME
> translation status pages fame to extend his magic to Freedesktop too.

I'm working already in something more general but I'm busy with real
life (new job, finishing university) and my Debian New Maintainer
process. Hope I will restart my work next week (I will have holidays for
some days).

Of course, If you need them _NOW_ we could do a fast hack to the GNOME
status pages so you can get the same for freedesktop. I only need a CVS
account (only read access) and a way to upload with a script the .html
and .po/.pot files (please, ssh + rsync or anything that lets me upload
only changes every 8 hours or something like that) a file like the
translations-status.xml that we have in GNOME (look for the file 
gnome-i18n/stats/data/translation-status.xml inside the GNOME CVS) with
the list of modules that can be translated and all modules should let me
execute intltool-update inside the directory where all .po files are. I
think I could have it ready this weekend but remember, same limitations
than GNOME ones, we can only have one cvs server as the source.

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