[Usability] Re: Lightening up the XDG menu

Boris Goldowsky boris at alum.mit.edu
Mon Mar 29 04:56:50 EEST 2004

> > Frans Englich wrote:
> >
> > ...it creates a usability problem when for example both
> > > GNOME and KDE is installed on one computer - the menu becomes
> > > overcrowded

Since I most often use GNOME, I've manually moved all KDE apps into
submenus within their categories -- so I can still use them when they
are the better solution, but each category menu is not so crowded.  This
works pretty well; it would be grand if there was a way to have it
happen automatically (and, of course, to have the reverse happen in the
KDE environment, so the apps that share the KDE "feel" are easily


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