HAL and usb mass storage

Anthony Metcalf anthony.metcalf at anferny.ath.cx
Mon Mar 29 15:56:51 EEST 2004

Ok so I want my usb mass storage device to be mounted whenever I plug it
in. From reading the dbus and hgal stuff I figure with the two installed
it's HAL's job to initiate the mounting process. Correct?
>From the HAL 1.0 docs 
"Try creating device info files for your USB devices (put them
    in /usr/local/var/hal/fdi/10freedesktop) and replug your

How do I do this step? 
Is there a sample file somewhere that says,
"this is how you identify the device, this is how you launch a script
when the device is plugged in" etc.

What I really want is a How-to. I may be prepaired to write such a
thing if I can make it work, but what exists at the moment I havn't been
able to make work.
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