Lightening up the XDG menu

Seth Nickell seth at
Tue Mar 30 23:10:52 EEST 2004

On Tue, 2004-03-30 at 14:53, Waldo Bastian wrote:
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> On Tue March 30 2004 21:14, Seth Nickell wrote:
> > > NotShowIn=GNOME;
> > > NotShowIn=KDE;
> >
> > A quick note, its probably better to use "OnlyShowIn=KDE" and
> > "OnlyShowIn=GNOME", respectively, in these cases.
> Yes, I think "NotShowIn" makes sense for the 3rd list (gedit/kedit etc.) but 
> not for the first two. Apart from that, I am not totally convinced that 
> supressing the entries in the 3rd list is the way to go, just sorting them 
> into different menus based on Category may be more appropriate.

Yes, I agree... e.g. there are people who mostly use GNOME that use
kate, etc etc.


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