Current desktop detection / app access ...

Sergey V. Udaltsov sergey_udaltsov at
Thu May 6 22:25:49 EEST 2004

> > Just one question. Who would maintain the list of the
> > "standard" elements?

> >  One distro would use "gnome",
> > another - "GNOME", the third (weird one) would set
> > localized "ГНОМ" (and they could even localize the
> > script names:)
> 	That would be totally pointless; no-one should localise programattic
> names.
I know. But sometimes people go to extremes:) Anyway, I think it really
would be handy to maintain the list well-known symbols.

> 	Yes - of course; if you want to do the careful consideration and make
> up a list - please do so;
My horizon is not wide enough I'm afraid - I know very few desktops. And
I think it should be the same person who would formalize your idea into
the form of some standard, some document.


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