Current desktop detection / app access - take 2.

Hongli Lai h.lai at
Thu May 27 16:52:21 EEST 2004

Mark McLoughlin wrote:
> 	Ignore your immediate problems for a moment and listen.
> 	If we add a $DESKTOP environment variable/root window property we are
> effectively putting big sign up that says "solve all your integration
> woes here with one easy hack". No matter what we do, $DESKTOP will more
> than likely become the de-facto way of integrating apps into different
> desktops.
> 	Look at for a moment and consider how
> many of those standards would exist if apps could have done:
> [snip]

I agree that making both GNOME and KDE comply standards is the better 
approach. BUT, what I'm worried about is *how long* it takes before 
GNOME and KDE finally agree on a standard and implement it correctly. A 
lot of the standards aren't implemented by one of the desktops or not 
implemented correctly.
Take a look at the list of "Here are draft specifications that are new 
and not yet widely used, though they may be used by one or more desktops 
or desktop applications" standards. That list has only grown, not 
reduced (as far as I know).

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