colour management system (CMS)

Kai-Uwe Behrmann ku.b at
Wed Nov 3 09:01:53 EET 2004

some projects have colour management build in, based on one of the two
freely available libraries (argyll, littleCMS). As these libraries support
the ICC standard for colour transformations they dont facilitate
locations, preferences and the like.

My wish is to setup an most flexible configuration system for:
o locations, where colour profiles can been stored
o defining standard profiles (usage)
o setting these standard profiles system wide and as user setting
o rendering intents and the like settings (including other switches)
o prefered cmm (libicc, lcms, Xcms? ...)
o prefered transformations (colour -> gray reduction, ...)
o arbitrary content over an registration (like in TIFF or ICC standards)
o constraints for complex settings
o plain readable (better selfdocumenting)
o ...

The system needs to be:
o easily accessible by mostly all languages using the ICC libraries
o stable over concurrent access
o allways readable
o extensible for text and non text caching (kind of db), maybe split off
  into several subsystems ( device->profile, link to colour tables, ...)
o transparent for later integration with CUPS, X, sane, ghoto
o clear and stable for useage with device manufacturers

As well there will be an command line utility fine to show how the system
works. I would like to start with an small C programm as most today
programms need this in the first place.

Later can follow access from scripts and other languages.

Now my question on this list is:
Is there an suitable configuration sheme available to fit in the colour
management stuff? So no need for me to recreate. If not,
what is an good starting point? One suggestion which came was XML,
an other to look at fontconfig, which I am start reading now.

Shure the standardisation will not been made in one day as well as the
implementation. Simply this is what I can oversee as the basics.

Awaiting Your comments.

Kai-Uwe Behrmann
                                + imaging development / panoramas
                                + color management
                                + email :ku.b at

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