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Kai-Uwe Behrmann ku.b at
Wed Nov 3 23:12:53 EET 2004


Am 03.11.04, 14:30 -0500 schrieb Jim Gettys:

> Open source desktops need serious color management, that needs to work
> end to end (from scanners and cameras, to monitors, to output devices
> (film and paper).

Fully agreed.

> Some project like littleCMS may be serious components to solving the
> e2e color problem.

Lcms does it very good.

> The challenge therefore is to get the different projects working
> together to solve the overall problem (from various applications,
> to X itself, to Cairo, etc.).

Therefore the email to find an way for setting up an linux colour
management system. I think many imaging applications have allready started
to explore colour management a little bit. Often from the data side.
Now it is time to show the content appropriate. This is about the
individual printer profile as well as about the monitor and various
defaults, which make sense to share.

> So the first question is how to get all these projects to start
> talking to each other to start on a complete solution, and stop
> stovepiping in the individual projects.

Hope they will find an linux CMS convenient for theyre own tasks.
Especially applications with image content from various sources can find
theyre serious interesst in colour management. Other projects can benefit
from an system level service as You allready mentioned above.

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