file:/ vs file://<host>/ vs file:///

Glenn McGrath bug1 at
Fri Nov 5 02:01:55 EET 2004

On Thu, 4 Nov 2004 16:54:46 -0500
Daniel Veillard <veillard at> wrote:

> But the day this happens, there will be a lot of conflicts and it will
> be a mess, because lots of different incompatibles extensions to the
> base file protocol syntax have been deployed in various pieces of
> software.

Developer equality from software freedom, its unfortunate that a
byproduct of equality is a lack of leadership.

I thought freedesktop was taking a leadership role, but on file-uri-spec
you want freedesktop to perpetuate a mistake because of a lack of

Why dont you stand up and do what you know is right rather than what
your told is right.

Your told by RFC1738 that file:// is correct, but you know that file:/
is a better long term solution. The very least you could do is not make
the problem worse.


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