Writing Shared Libraries, first draft

Maciej Katafiasz mnews22 at wp.pl
Sat Nov 6 00:02:58 EET 2004

Dnia 05-11-2004, pią o godzinie 20:40 +0000, Mike Hearn napisał:
> > > Header versioning isn't required ... if you correctly maintain
> > > backwards compatibility within a major version you don't need it. 
> > > Applications simply use whatever versions of library they require and
> > > check the headers declare them (or pkg-config knows the version is
> > > recent enough) in configure.ac
> > 
> > I agree with that.
> Yes ... I can see this one will be a hard sell :) Still, I think the
> reasoning given in the article and elsewhere in this thread is sound.

FWIW, I've seen enough of "I have libfoo 2.4 installed on my dev
machine, and now it #$%^&* compiles with new dependencies that aren't
there at my libfoo 2.2-using client's site! Who do I kill for that!?" on
IRC to be very convinced that header versioning is indeed good idea :)


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