KWIG Qt->Gtk porting layer and merging main loops

Philippe Fremy phil at
Thu Nov 11 14:00:59 EET 2004

> What benefit would that gain the projects who must be modified to
> acomidate this?  What are the cons?
> Why can't the desired outcome be achived by another method? Isn't
> integrating QT and glib's main loops trivial already? Aren't there
> projects that already do this fine?

Yes there are:

In my opinion, this makes sense if we want to move toward desktop adaptative 
applications. An application that uses KDE dialogs under KDE and Gnome 
dialogs under Gnome. The very first step is event loop integration. There 
are more difficult steps ahead but I still think it is a worthy goal. Had I 
the time, I would work on it.


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