Migration of windows between displays

Perry Lorier perry at coders.net
Wed Nov 10 06:50:39 EET 2004


Gtk has an API function gtk_window_set_screen() that lets you move a 
window from one screen/display to another.  This is easily demonstrated 
by the gtk-demo applications "Change Display" example.  I've written a 
patch against gtk that listens for a _GTK_CHANGE_DISPLAY xproperty 
notification and when recieved calls the gtk function mentioned above to 
move the windows display.  This provides a foundation for more 
interesting applications that can be written, such as providing 
migration of user sessions between computers, "detaching" applications 
by moving them onto an Xvnc server, making x2x style programs more 
versitile, "dragging" windows between non-xinerama multihead displays etc.

It's been suggested that I post here to discuss coming up with a common 
specification so that other toolkits can provide the same 
functionality.  Also it was suggested that instead of using property 
notification I use a ClientMessage to trigger the movement instead.

The bugzilla entry is available here: 

What are peoples comments on this idea?

[1]: I'm kinda new to gnome/x11 coding, my humblest apologies in advance 
for any mistakes I might make.

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