Standardizing icon names: flags

Daniel Stone daniel at
Wed Nov 10 22:30:22 EET 2004

On Wed, Nov 10, 2004 at 03:15:39PM -0500, Rodney Dawes wrote:
> And standards shouldn't be political issues. I don't know why people
> keep trying to turn them into that. It's pointless and just creates a
> bunch of useless e-mail to fill lists with, when we could just take
> the simple nihilistic approach and specify enough to get a standard,
> but not so much we piss off a bunch of narrow-minded people.

It's easy to say it's narrow-minded from our neatly closeted point of
view, but if your father had died attempting to repel an invading army
and your entire family got locked up for being relatives of someone who
did that, or if you had historic ties the other way or whatever,
suddenly it becomes a hugely emotive issue that can be incredibly
personally insulting.  When people -- indeed, *millions* of people --
die over an issue, it's not 'narrow-minded' to care deeply about it, no
matter how stupid or pointless you might think it is. should not be wandering smack bang into the middle of
these issues.  No-one has fought wars over modular X, or the .desktop
specification, or whatever.  Let's keep doing that.

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