Project addition request - xliff-tools

Leon Ho llch at
Mon Nov 15 16:51:01 EET 2004

Hi all,

Asgeir is our new honours research student who is going to implement a set
of XLIFF (eXtensible Localization File Interchange Format) tools that will
enable translators and developers in the desktop environment to work with
or use this format.

The first set of utility Asgeir will implement is po2xliff and xliff2po.
It will definitely benefit any desktop application projects to start using
XLIFF for translation when this set of utility is implemented.

In later phases he will try to implement XLIFF support into different open
source tools such as GUI translation editors. Here is the summary of the
proposed project:

The xliff-tools project aims to implement support for the eXtensible
Localization File Interchange Format (XLIFF) standard in open source
localization processes. Specifically, this project aims to:
+ develop XLIFF filters for common open source file formats (e.g.
Gettext PO, Docbook)
+ Implement and improve XLIFF support in open source localization tools
+ Implement tools to support XLIFF-based localization in open source

Timeframe for first version of usable set of utility is around 2 months
from now.

Let us know if it is applicable to include this into


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