Common main loop: Qt ported to glib main loop (experimental)

Rahul Sundaram rahulsundaram at
Thu Nov 25 03:25:38 EET 2004

--- nf <nf2 at> wrote:

> Hi!
> I tried to explore the common main loop issue a
> little more: How could a
> "select" based main loop like Qt be ported to a poll
> style system with a
> generic "prepare/check/dispatch" scheme like glib?
> According to previous discussions it seems that the
> glib main loop has a
> quite good and generic concept. If we take the glib
> concept as prototype
> for an "universal" event loop, "redesigning" Qt to
> run on top of glib is
> an interesting experiment

If you cant convice Trolltech on using this which I am
almost sure wont happen does it really serve any
practical purpose

Rahul Sundaram

Rahul Sundaram

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