Wallpaper images standard

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Fri Nov 26 20:56:19 EET 2004

I would like to propose that freedesktop work on a standard for
wallpaper images.  Currently KDE can't use wallpapers from the
gnome-backgrounds set and vice versa.  Distributions which support
both gnome and KDE have to duplicate their backgrounds to get them
picked up.

Things to be decided would be a standard system directory, a standard
user directory and a standard metadata format.

Currently KDE uses $datadir/wallpapers while gnome uses

KDE uses ~/.kde/share/wallpapers for user installed wallpapers.  I'm
not sure what gnome uses if anything.

As of a couple of days ago KDE uses .desktop files to describe images,
failing that it reads the image metadata comment and otherwise just
uses the filename.  

Gnome uses an XML format to list metadata for several files in each
XML file.  Currently KDE does not have the infrastructure to make this
i18n friendly as far as I know.

Is there interest in pursuing this?

Jonathan Riddell

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