Icon theme specification: Standardizing icon names

Daniel Taylor dantaylor at web.de
Mon Oct 11 22:02:14 EEST 2004

On Oct 11, 2004, at 11:10, Owen Taylor wrote:
> Some very quick comments. It's really great you are working on this.
> On Sat, 2004-10-09 at 21:50 +0000, Frans Englich wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> Attached is a patch which standardizes 1048 icon names, compiled from 
>> the
>> ~2050 icons which KDE and GNOME in all houses. While that sounds like 
>> a lot,
>> and bizarre for that matter too, the important question is where this 
>> is
>> heading, what we want to achieve, and why.
> Does it make sense to standardize this many icons? Should we try to
> standardize a smaller subset that really obviously make sense ...
> creating an icon theme with 1048 icons is pretty prohibitive.

I think it does. One of the most annoying things while creating Lila 
was that there is no authoritative listing of icon names. We had to 
scrounge the various themes for possible names, and this is a real 
blocker for anyone wanting to get into theme creation.

When we are talking about standardizing these icons, are we talking 
about making them mandatory, or would they fall back to the "default" 
theme if not found in the currently loaded one? If they aren't 
mandatory, then I think it's fine. You start with the most obvious ones 
and slowly fill in the blanks, until you have a full theme.
Daniel G. Taylor

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