Proposing system-tools-backends to fdo

Carlos Garnacho carlosg at
Tue Oct 12 20:05:05 EEST 2004

Hi all,

As the maintainer of the GNOME System Tools, I'd like to propose the GST
backends for inclusion in fdo, as they're already being used in GNOME
and KDE related projects.

The system tools backends are a set of perl scripts that are able to
parse and extract information from the underlying linux/freebsd/unix and
generate a XML with a fixed format which represents this information in
a generic way. OTOW, it's also able to interpret a passed XML and apply
it in the system dependent configuration files.

The backends are being used by the GNOME System Tools and by
KNetworkconf. Currently they work in Debian, Redhat/Fedora, Mandrake,
FreeBSD, Gentoo, Slackware and more.

Actively maintained modules are: network, bootloaders, services,
users/groups, date/time and shared folders


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