[perhaps OT and already discussed] usability standard/recommendation/guildline?

Zhang Weiwu zhangweiwu at realss.com
Wed Oct 13 04:59:34 EEST 2004

Hello. I happen to see this comment and table from scribus mailing list. 
I wonder isn't there a good usability standard or recommendation 
released from standard group like freedesktop, rather than from one or 
two single persons about one or two single usability problems? Sorry for 
wrong post, perhaps I am OT becuase this group is for standard creation 
not ideas?

Manfred Jung wrote:

>Hi Everyone
>With my last publication I was under considerable time preasure and realized that one 
>point always held me up. perhaps it would not have shown up otherwise. But I found it 
>very confusing that the different DTP related programs call and place the butons 
>differetly. In one case I almost lost my work. Well this trigered my little usability study. 
>Others are probably much more clued up, but perhaps my lines strike a cord and it 
>doesw good to all of us. 



Order from right to left (default in bold)





*Save,* Discard, Cancel


when closing a document



No, Cancel, *Save *


when closing a document



Close without saving, Cancel, *Save*


when closing a document

The Gimp


Cancel, *Discard Changes*


when closing a document



*Yes*, No, Cancel


when closing a document



*Save now*, Cancel, Close Anyway


when closing a document



*No, *Yes


when save as on an existing doc name



Discard changes, Cancel, *Save*


when closing a new mail



Cancel, *Close all tabs*


when closing firefox with open tabs



 From the windoze world





*Yes, *No, Cancel


when closing a document



*Yes,* No, Cancel


when closing a document



*Yes,* No Cancel


(actually it came up with a run time error and crashed first time round, 
surprise surprise...) when closing a document

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