different menu hierarchies in GNOME and KDE ?

Frans Englich frans.englich at telia.com
Thu Oct 14 22:46:02 EEST 2004

On Sunday 10 October 2004 14:21, Roman Rudenko wrote:
> Hello,
> I checked the specification and unfortunatelly couldn't find out if it
> is possible to have different menu hierarchies in GNOME and KDE. Is
> there a possibility to load different menu hierarchies depending on the
> desktop manager ? Actually in GNOME environment I need to have gnome
> applications in Main menus and kde applications in More submenus. Vice
> versa for KDE - kde applications in main menus and gnome applications in
> more menus.

I patched KDE(should be at least in 3.3, IIRC) to not show KDE specific 
programs in GNOME. You could patch GNOME programs similarly and get it into 
their codebase.

If that for various reasons isn't a possible solution, I think you can modify 
their respective menu files. In KDE, it's kdelibs/kded/applications.menu. I 
don't know in what context you need it, so it can of course be unsuitable(and 
I can also be dead wrong).



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