Icon theme specification: Standardizing icon names

Kenneth Wimer wimer at suse.de
Thu Oct 21 10:39:05 EEST 2004

* Alexander Larsson <alexl at redhat.com> [Oct 21. 2004 09:17]:
> To avoid further arguing on why flags are good/bad, I'll re-state the
> reason I think flags should not be in:
> If the standard mandates flags, neither Gnome nor Red Hat will ship
> anything based on this (this is the policy of both organizations, and
> likely many other organizations), thus such a standard will not be used
> by a large group of the target audience. Lets not argue their respective
> decisions here, as this has already been argued to death in each
> organization[1]. Thus, it would be good for the deployment of this
> standard if it didn't contain flags.

I think I will stick to the logic that they are inappropriate. Saying
that "RedHat and Gnome" won't ship these doesn't make a difference in
the world to me and is not a logical reason to not accept them. 

If RedHat and Gnome jumped off a bridge would you?


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