Notification reference implementation

Mike Hearn mike at
Thu Oct 21 19:55:04 EEST 2004


I'd just like to point out that there is a reference implementation of 
the notification spec in Galago Subversion:

They are written in standard C++. Currently there is a GTK+ backend, but 
a Qt/KDE backend would be welcome too (actually I believe people are 
playing with different forms of KDE integration).

I'm just repeating this information as I noticed somebody has apparently 
duplicated the work we've already done almost pixel for pixel, which 
seems a bit pointless. There are a bunch of features the reference impl 
needs, like:

- Positioning the poptarts to avoid the users panels
- Animation
- Global "dismiss" hotkey
- Full support for the current spec

Our manpower is limited, let's please try and avoid duplicating each 
others work.

thanks -mike

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