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Rahul Sundaram rahulsundaram at yahoo.co.in
Fri Oct 22 00:55:43 EEST 2004


> Whoa, this is completely false. I call bullshit.
> Visit 
> http://docs.sun.com/db/doc/802-2109?a=load 
> for the OpenStep HIG, which is what GNUstep apps
> adhere to.

sorry. I take back the statement.

> Well, there are at least a few GNUstep-desktop type
> people subscribed to 
> this list, that I know of firsthand.

If they are interested in this then thats good.

> Not necessarily. Firefox has a native cocoa
> interface, which,m once 
> Objective-C++ is out in GCC 4.0, we will be turning
> into a native GNUstep 
> app. Don't make sweeping generalizations, since they
> are usually false.

Well firefox can still target the fd.or HIG regardless
of whether it has a native cocoa interface or not.
currently it targets gnome hig on linux, windows and
mac guidelines on the respective operating systems.

> How is that not a new hig?

because intially it would be just taking parts of
existing stuff.

> <naysayer>It'll never happen, and if it does it will
> be watered down, 
> worthless crap</naysayer>

maybe it wont be very useful. give it a chance. we
will never know for sure unless we try

Rahul Sundaram

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